Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Church Planting In Galt

In March of this year, 5 couples stepped out
in faith and began planting a new church. We
call the church Bayside In Galt (BIG) as we will
be a satellite church of Bayside Church of Granite
Bay. This is a picture of the Leadership Team.
If you have ever heard of the artist
Lincoln Brewster, he is the Worship Leader of
Bayside as well as having severalcds of
worship music. Keep us in your prayers
as we follow God's direction to reach
the community of Galt.
It is really a labor of love!

Eric and Sheree visit Galt and Lodi!

Eric and Sheree were able to visit us and
Sheree's folks Mother's Day weekend.
The Shepherd clan and Wood clan
enjoy Mexican food for lunch.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Galt Cancer Walk-A-Thon

On April 26th, Terry joined her mom and many
others to participate in the Galt Cancer Walk-A-Thon.
It was a real blessing and $60,000 was raised. It was
held at the Galt High School football field.

Kenny Lands In Stockton

Kenny flew into Stockton last week so we were
able to check out his plane (clostrophobia) and
have lunch with him and the 1st Pilot, Bo.
(I think that is what you call the head pilot)
We learned a valuable lesson. When you are
talking sports, say the Kings, make sure you
are talking about the same sport!

The Citation at the Stockton Airport - very cool!

Kenny Lands In Sacramento

Kenny made a trip to Sacramento and surprised
us with a visit and lunch - and I believe he paid!
Pretty spiffy in uniform!

Girls Night Out

This time it was Girls Night Out at a Concert!
Several of us saw Matthew West, Jeremy Camp
and Toby Mac at a concert in Davis. Cell phone
photos aren't the greatest.

Chris Tomlin Concert

This was a cell phone photo at a Chris Tomlin concert back in
February. We had an awesome time!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Snow Trip

On our 32nd anniversary, Feb. 8th, we headed for the snow.
We got up to 8000 feet and found some beautiful scenery.
The photo of us was taken with the camera at arm's length
facing into the sun so we could get the nice backdrop!

Super Bowl Party

Our Super Bowl Party was fun, even though half of us wanted
New England to win and the other half wanted the Giants to win.
Oh well, I guess I AM happy for Eli Manning.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My first attempt at a "Home Video"

The video below is my first attempt at
making a video with sound.
It actually was a fun Christmas party.
The guy in the shorts really is a pastor!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Mom and Dad,

Merry Christmas! We hope you enjoy this new blog that Jen designed and loaded for you guys. Now you can post pictures and blogs so that we can keep up with what you are doing.

This will become especially handy once Dad retires and you two buy a big motorhome and start touring the US.

Merry Christmas!

Kenny and Jen

Friday, January 11, 2008

Thanks, Jen, for our new blog. Because we didn't
send out a Christmas letter for 2007, I thought I
would briefly recap some of the highlights of
the year using photos that I had. In late April
we were able to visit Washington D.C. Yes, I
did fly across the country...and survived.

One of the highlights of our D.C. trip was seeing
The Queen as she visited President Bush.

The day we arrived home from D.C., we recieved
word that my uncle Fred broke his hip. As we were
going to the hospital, I got a call - my aunt Trudi fell
and broke her arm. So my mom, sister and I were
blessed to take care of them for the next 4 months.
My uncle is now home with the Lord (in Aug). Two
weeks after my uncle passed away, my aunt fell and
broke her hip (her arm was just about healed!).
Back to Kaiser we go!! My truck is on autopilot to Kaiser.
She is doing pretty good now, especially for being 90.

We went with a group of friends to see the Newsboys
in concert. If you ever get a chance to see them,
don't pass it up - they're awesome.

The Newsboys drummer does a song as
the set revolves and rises - very cool!

"Lookin' Good in Christ" was our Mother's Day
Brunch theme at church. I used my vintage purses
and hats to decorate the tables.

Doug and I worked at our Vacation Bible School.
Doug is enjoying the cool snow cone while I am
slaving over a hot stove in the kitchen!

Doug is showing the little ones how to
master the bow and arrow in VBS.

We spent a lot of the summer working in
and enjoying our backyard.

We have adopted some cute little feathery friends.
They come for breakfast, lunch, dinner, inbetween
breakfast, ...

Our other feathery friends, the turkeys, came back again.
There were over 20 in our front yard.

We had a quiet Christmas at Aunt Trudi's. Christmas
at Eric's inlaws was not so quiet as some tried to whoop
others in pingpong! Sorry, no photos yet.
The stockings are hung by the chimney with care
in hopes that Kenny and Jen will be there!!