Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Church Planting In Galt

In March of this year, 5 couples stepped out
in faith and began planting a new church. We
call the church Bayside In Galt (BIG) as we will
be a satellite church of Bayside Church of Granite
Bay. This is a picture of the Leadership Team.
If you have ever heard of the artist
Lincoln Brewster, he is the Worship Leader of
Bayside as well as having severalcds of
worship music. Keep us in your prayers
as we follow God's direction to reach
the community of Galt.
It is really a labor of love!

Eric and Sheree visit Galt and Lodi!

Eric and Sheree were able to visit us and
Sheree's folks Mother's Day weekend.
The Shepherd clan and Wood clan
enjoy Mexican food for lunch.