Monday, February 2, 2009

Recapping 2008 at Bayside Church in Galt

It has been almost a year since a
handful of Christians stepped out
in faith to plant a new church in Galt.
I made this video to recap the blessings
of 2008 at Bayside In Galt.

Thanksgiving 2008

Kenny and Jen put on quite a spread
when we visited them at Thanksgiving.
It was fun to visit with Jim and Jolene
as well as the kids.

Thanksgiving Surprise

Kenny and Jen gave us each a
"boarding pass" for our Christmas
presents. It took us quite a while
to figure out what it was!

Our Thanksgiving Surprise

You would have thought we could
have figured out the surprise quickly.
We're going to be grandparents!!

Thanksgiving 2008 Short Video

Dad is having fun with
our new camcorder!